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My name is Lynne. What started off as a dream when I was a young girl, materialised when I qualified as a nurse, working at the old Norfolk and Norwich hospital. After a number of years, I decided to work closer to home and became a practice nurse, which I was for many years. Later, I became a midwife whilst training for a degree (honours level) as a nurse practitioner and took up the challenge of diagnosing, managing treatment and prescribing medication. One part of the work I really enjoy is minor surgery which involves taking biopsies and removing skin lesions. Somewhere along the way, I found the time to design an item of medical equipment which has been manufactured and is available to purchase all over the country.

As if things couldn’t get any better, out of the blue I was “head-hunted” by a doctor in Harley Street, London, asking me to train as medical cosmetic aesthetics practitioner to administer anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments. This new work complemented my experience from doing minor surgery procedures and led me to eventually setting up my own business which, I’m pleased to say is blooming.

I have very high standards so whatever I do, I always do to perfection. You will find in me that you have an experienced, competent, confident practitioner who has the training and considerable experience to administer anti-wrinkle and other treatments. The only other medical practitioners who are trained to administer these treatments are doctors, dentists and specialist nurses who have undertaken the training courses. There are not many of us, qualified, to do this kind of work locally.

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I was always bothered that my top lip was too small which made me lack confidence in my appearance. I saw Lynne’s ad and phoned for a consultation. She suggested that I have my top lip plumped with Restylane filler. I was amazed at the results and I will definitely have it done again. Lynne was very reassuring and confident, making me feel very relaxed prior to having this done!

Julie Wadsworth