anti wrinkle treatments

Anti-wrinkle injections is used for the upper face to relax muscles underneath the skin and smooth away crow’s feet, between eyebrows and forehead lines and creases resulting in a more youthful appearance.

botulinum products

Anti-wrinkle treatments are a natural substance that has been used for more than 30 years medically and over 15 years cosmetically. For the best results it is recommended that you have anti-wrinkle injections every three to four months, as the effects last for approximately 4 months each time it is administered. Regular use makes the effects last longer – depending on the individual. Research has shown that spray tans are more toxic than anti-wrinkle injections because they contain chemicals, whereas anti-wrinkle injections do not.

brow lifts

Advanced anti-wrinkle treatments technique. Injecting a small amount of anti-wrinkle treatments above the eye brow to even out furrows.

nose correction

Small amount of botulinum product given at base of nose to raise tip of nose

lower face

Mentalis – the effect known as ‘pebbly chin’ is smoothed out for a more youthful contour.

bunny lines

Anti-wrinkle treatment is injected into bunny lines to lighten the wrinkled effect across the nose.

advanced treatments

Cheek enhancements, lip definition or plumping, correcting shape of noses, brow lift, elongation of chin. Bunny lines Excessive under arm sweating treatments (hyperhidrosis). Please contact me for more details.

beware: only qualified nurses, doctors and dentists can administer anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections parties – Don’t drink alcohol it will block the effects

Don’t lie down for four hours after treatment

Do not apply make up for up-to-4 hours after treatment

Do not perform strenuous exercise for 6 hours

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My facial skin has been scarred since having acne as a teenager and i still do have some acne but after 1 combination treatment of micro-dermabrasion & skin peel my facial scarring has drastically reduced and the same goes for my acne. my skin felt so smooth & looked much more refreshed after the treatments. I am now about to have my 2nd treatment. I would highly recommend it.