Dermal fillers

Lynne can help you win the fight with wrinkles. By targeting certain facial areas, dermal fillers can provide benefit to the symptoms of getting older, they are used for:

forehead lines

 nose to mouth lines

 crow’s feet

acne scars

adding volume to lips

enhancing sunken cheeks

The technique of ‘filling’ in the grooves from minor to moderate and mid to deep wrinkles and lines, depending on the product used. It involves injections under the skin, to plump out and ‘fill’ the furrows or as lip augmentation, the products naturally and gradually breakdown over a couple of months.

It is a superb non-surgical remedy to those signs of ageing and lip enhancements.

The products we use are:




We also use Juvederm┬« if you prefer, but we recommend the advanced products above as they contain no animal products and do not require a skin test – they can be used immediately, whereas collagen based products can cause an allergic reaction and require a 28 day test before using. Also the preferred fillers are suitable for vegetarians.

anti-wrinkle treatments in norwich

anti-wrinkle treatments

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My facial skin has been scarred since having acne as a teenager and i still do have some acne but after 1 combination treatment of micro-dermabrasion & skin peel my facial scarring has drastically reduced and the same goes for my acne. my skin felt so smooth & looked much more refreshed after the treatments. I am now about to have my 2nd treatment. I would highly recommend it.